It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other!

It’s been a while from my last post, sorry for slow updating.

Last Christmas, I accidentally got the Covid 19 (the second time) in the hospital because of taking care a friend who is having cancer treatment.

Fortunately, I took Paxlovid immediately, and the fever was quickly controlled, and there were no other respiratory symptoms.

I thought it was all recovered, but I didn’t expect that two weeks ago, I started to have an inexplicable fever, the fever subsided, and my intestines began cramping.

Last Wednesday, although I took the newly applied biologics Stelara, I still had a fever repeatedly, and calprotectin soared to 1800.

Let’s talk about why we want to switch to biologics, because the contract between Remicade and National Taiwan University Hospital suddenly ended.

So we’ve been forced to change the biologics. It happened so suddenly, I’m speechless…

But I am very grateful to Dr. Qiu for immediately asking the case manager to help me apply for health insurance subsidies of Stelara.

Originally, I didn’t dare to hold out any hope for this expensive biologics, unexpectly the application passed.

I’ve been paying for the Remicade for over a year. I can finally take a break from it.

In the past few days, my body has been unstable, and Dr. Qiu suspects that I have an infection, which is caused by the Covid 19.

The Department of Infectious Diseases of National Taiwan University was temporarily unable to register. so I had to register to Tamsui Mackay Hospital, and Mackay still have appointment on Saturday.

I am grateful to Mackay for meeting a good doctor who immediately helped me draw blood and do bacterial culture, and will go back for the result on Saturday.

At the moment, I was also prescribed oral antibiotics, and although I had a fever again this morning, I had no fever after taking the antipyretics.

After the fever subsided, the intestinal pain finally stopped! I just hope that Saturday’s report is a good result.

I heard that after the recent diagnosis of the Covid 19 will have gastrointestinal problems, and I have Crohn’s disease even more serious.

Please take care of yourself. the weather changes too much causes bowel inflammtion, and it is also important to maintain your mood stability.

Although the pain caused by inflammation is really hard to endure, It’s always sunny after rain

I wish you all a more stable, happier, and safe and smooth 2024!