Stop Humira Injection!

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After almost ten years of taking the Humira shots, Dr. Chiu decided to stop the injection last week. Maybe because my condition is stable now. In addition, the health insurance injection quota has been used [...]


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About a month ago, the inside of my mouth started to ulcer again, and only the left side. It happened two or three years ago, when steroids were eaten for several months before slowly improving. [...]

Severe Headache

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Now should be the easiest time in my life. No pressure to go to work, free to deploy time. The condition of the intestines and the body are also stable. However, a serious headache occurred [...]

10 things not to say to someone with IBD

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Original article written by Sam Cleasby 1. You don’t look sick This is a biggie, IBD like many other chronic illnesses is sometimes referred to as an ‘invisible illness’ because on the outside you can [...]


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