I finally survived the pain induced by the fifth dose of vaccine, which lasted for more than a month and made myself very collapsed, very happy that steroids stopped for more than a week without abdominal pain, and was significantly more stable after being hospitalized for injections at the end of July, but I still observed and continued to use steroids for a few days, and only dared to stop the drug after determining that there were no symptoms, although the calprotectin in the feces returned to more than a thousand a few days ago, and the last time it was finally dropped to more than seven hundred, after the obvious vaccine-induced clone, the index rise is also expected, I hope to get a better score next time.

Before the last hospitalization for injections, I received a call from the chief physician, and said: I really can’t find the reason why you need hospitalized? On the other side of the phone, I was completely stunned, what is the problem? For many years, every time I could not apply for health insurance benefits, patients can only be forced to stop injections or hospitalized to buy injections at their own expense. Are you new here? In fact, I am very unhappy , who likes to be hospitalized if no needs? If I could do the injection at home, I’d rather not go to the hospital! This chief physician not only completely conditioned, and also the attitude to talk to the patient, which is really bad, she also said: you just come directly on the day, I will not notify you again, NTU patients always know that usually the day before the chief physician should notify the patient again, and this person contacted me two weeks ago, and then really did not call again, as a result, when I went through the hospitalization procedures that day, I was actually ranked in the ward area of 13A, I have not lived in 13A at all, I have been living in 13B for more than ten years, although AB is a gastroenterology ward, but I just feel very strange! The episode that happened when I checked in that day, NTU because of the situation of covid 19 cluster infection with the new crown a while ago, the original system of canceling the quick screening was restored, I was at home that morning quick screening, the result of the test plate I brought came out of a faint second line (I have no symptoms at all), immediately said to the nurse: I will test again immediately, although it is safe to pass finally, made me almost unable to get an injection, the 13B nurse leader was going to be on duty that night, and she came to 13A to see me, really touched!

I complained directly to Dr. Chiu when I came back to the appointment, I really can’t agree with this attitude of the chief physician, I am not a new patient, I have lived for more than ten years, even if she doesn’t know the situation, she doesn’t need to talk to the patient with this kind of the attitude! Dr. Chiu is a professor and an administrative doctor at NTU, but he never treats patients like this, always treats patients as family, I think a person’s success is not just a matter of professionalism or technology, character and medical ethics are more important reasons!

Same day, I also met another patient, who is also a Christian like me, she said that she used to read my blog, and when she was most depressed, the songs I wrote brought her great comfort, in fact, whether I set up a website or write a blog, I often think… Is someone watching? Every time I receive letters or messages from different patients, it always encourage me to move on, the weather has changed a lot recently, I know that some patients have had another flare up, I hope everyone can get through it.

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