The beginning of the story

I’m Esther, a full-fledged musician and a patient with rare diseases and cancers.

More than 25 years of experience in writing songs, composing, and singing

I find that in the moment of despair and near death,

Music gave me the energy of my life, and the faith gave me more courage to move on.

I know that myself after being born again from the cancer, I earn every single day by God’s grace.

I hope that through this platform, more people will get to hear my voice and my life story.

The decade of writing about the blog of Crohn’s disease has helped many people who are hopeless and helpless with the disease.

Looking forward to the days ahead, through my music and life, bless more people in need.

Welcome to visit often, in addition to music, I also love to travel and cooking.

Next I’ll share my daily life on this site from time to time.

Finally, thank you for your visit!

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The Warmth of Longing

The Warmth of Longing

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2020 Annual Process

  • 8/17 17:30 Taitung Mackay Hospital

  • 8/19 08:00 Taitung Christian Hospital

  • 8/22 14:00 Yilan Hanshi Church

  • 8/23 09:00 Yilan Hanshi Church

  • 8/30 Shiamen Street Baptist Church

  • 9/13 10:00 Tamhai Presbyterian Church

  • 9/16 Tamshui Mackay Hospital

  • 9/25 14:20 Yunlin Christian Hospital

  • 9/27 Kaohsiung Sung-N taifu Christian Church

  • 10/3 10:30 Arizona church Live Streaming

  • 10/11 Tainan City Christian Church

  • 10/18 10:00 Taiwan Chirstian and Missionary Alliance Life Church

  • 10/28 19:00 Taiwan Theological College

  • 11/7 Cosmic Light Choir retreat

  • 11/10 Erlin Christian hospital

  • 11/11 15:00 Presbyterian Church Women’s Retreat

  • 11/14 Taitung Christian Hospital

  • 11/15 Collaborative Council Taitung Church

  • 11/22 09:30 KangNing Street Presbyterian Church

  • 11/25 10:00 Chung Yuan Christian University

  • 11/28 Presbyterian Church of Taiwan Linsen Road Church

  • 12/5 TVBS Public welfare meal

  • 12/6 ChangHwa Oan-Feng Presbyterian Church

  • 12/13 Tai’an Presbyterian Church (Invisible Cricket Concert)

  • 12/19 Christian Church of Kaohsiung
  • 12/22 Christian Church of Kaohsiung (Factory Ministry)

  • 12/26 19:30 Presbyterian Church in Taiwan Shanhua Church

  • 12/27 10:00 Presbyterian Church in Taiwan Shanhua Church

A blessed life after the storm
Music & Testimony

October, 11th, 2020 (Sun.) 8:30am/10:00am

No. 9, Aly. 26, Ln. 285, Daxing St., North Dist., Tainan City

A blessed life after the storm
Music & Testimony

October, 18th, 2020 (Sun.) 10:00am

No. 98, Yanping Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City

A blessed life after the storm
Music & Testimony

October, 28th, 2020 (Wed.) 7:00pm

No. 20, Ln. 2, Sec. 2, Yangde Blvd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City

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New Song~The Lord Cares for You (English subtitles)

The Lord Cares for You (With English subtitles)

Ava Bright Lee is the granddaughter of Pastor Li. She was diagnosed with Leukemia and return to the Heavenly home in 2017. Pastor Li was the pastor of my mother’s church when I was a child. The relationship that we have had for many years have never been forgotten by the my family. At the beginning of this year, I wanted to visit them when I went to Chicago. But found out that Pastor Li and his wife had moved to Dali, Yunnan, few years ago. But I was very happy to meet Ava’s parents and younger siblings.

In the past few years, Pastor Li wrote two collections of “Spirit Song”. He chose 15 songs to make a commemorative album for his granddaughter Ava. He entrusted me to help produce and record them. Because of the limited budget, I can only use the equipments I have at home, I invited my god-daughter who loves to sing for record this song. After listening to me telling the story of Ava, she worked hard to practice singing and memorized the song. This is the first song we worked together. I hope this song will comfort many families who have experienced the same difficulties!

The Lord Cares for You

Words & Music by David. C. Lee

Soloists: Sonya Kao, Esther Liao (English translation)

No one knows the heaviness of your heart.

Only our merciful Lord.

He knows it all.

Come to the Lord to pour out your heart.

And cast your burdens for He cares for you.

Yes, Jesus loves me.

Yes, Jesus loves me.

Yes, Jesus loves me.

The Bible tells me so.

Arranged & Produced by:Esther Liao (Esther’s Music Creations)

Words & Music copyright:David C. Lee

Arranging & Producing copyright: Esther’s Music Creations

New Song~ The Lord Cares for You

Ava Bright Lee 是李牧師的孫女,2017年因白血病主把她接回天家,李牧師是我小時候母會的牧師,多年的情感讓我們全家始終忘不了~這對充滿好多愛的牧師和師母,今年年初因為去芝加哥服事,就想去探望他們,沒想到牧師、師母已經搬到雲南大理定居,但很開心能見到Ava的父母和弟弟妹妹。


神顧念你 詞/曲:李朝強牧師(李祥)


沒有人能了解 你心中的苦楚

只有慈悲天父 祂全然能明瞭

只管來主面前 傾訴所有委屈

卸下一切的重擔 因祂顧念你

主耶穌愛我 主耶穌愛我

主耶穌愛我 有聖經告訴我

編曲、音樂、影像製作:廖雅慧 (以斯帖音樂料理坊)Esther’s Music Creations

Arranged and Produced by Esther Liao (Esther’s Music Creations)


編曲、製作版權所有:以斯帖音樂料理坊 Esther’s Music Creations

I’d Rather Have Jesus (Chinese Version)

I’d Rather Have Jesus


Soloist/Arranger: Esther Liao

I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold I’d rather be His than have riches untold

I’d rather have Jesus than houses or lands I’d rather be led by His nail pierced hands

Than to be a king of a best domain And be held in sin’s dread sway

I’d rather have Jesus Than anything this world affords today

He’s fairer than lilies of rarest bloom; He’s sweeter than honey from out the comb;

He’s all that my hungering spirit needs

I’d rather have Jesus and let Him lead

Music & Video Produced by Esther Liao (Esther’s Music Creations)

Music & Video Produced by Esther Liao (Esther’s Music Creations)

Copyright: Esther’s Music Creations

New Song~キリストにはかえられません

( I’d Rather Have Jesus Japanese Version)



Vocal/Arranger:りょうまさえ (Esther Liao)











この御方で心の 満たされてある今は

音樂、影像製作:廖雅慧 りょうまさえ (以斯帖音樂料理坊)

Music & Video Produced by Esther Liao (Esther’s Music Creations)

Copyright: Esther’s Music Creations

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We all have moments of desperation, But if we can face them head on. That’s when we find out just how strong we really are.
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I also love baking, and there are recipes from my many years, as well as precious dishes from my mother.

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