The beginning of the story

I’m Esther, a full-fledged musician and a patient with rare diseases and cancers.

More than 25 years of experience in writing songs, composing, and singing

I find that in the moment of despair and near death,

Music gave me the energy of my life, and the faith gave me more courage to move on.

I know that myself after being born again from the cancer, I earn every single day by God’s grace.

I hope that through this platform, more people will get to hear my voice and my life story.

The decade of writing about the blog of Crohn’s disease has helped many people who are hopeless and helpless with the disease.

Looking forward to the days ahead, through my music and life, bless more people in need.

Welcome to visit often, in addition to music, I also love to travel and cooking.

Next I’ll share my daily life on this site from time to time.

Finally, thank you for your visit!

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The Warmth of Longing

The Warmth of Longing

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2021 Yearly Schedule

  • 3/7 Tainan Chia-Li Holiness Church

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  • 3/19 13:30 A Kernel of Wheat Foundation

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  • 4/28 10:00 Chung Yuan Christian University

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  • 5/15 Taitung Christian Hospital

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  • 6/10 11:00 China Evangelical Seminary

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  • 6/19 Taitung Christian Hospital

  • 6/25 19:00 Heavenly Melody Live Streaming

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  • 7/3 11:00 Presbyterian Women’s Fellowship (South)

  • 7/15~17 ChiaYi Christian Hospital (Let me take you far & high Concert)

  • 7/23 7:00 Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile Live Streaming

  • 10/31 ChingMei Presbyterian Church

  • 11/6 ShiaMen Street Baptism Church (Let me take you far & high concert)

  • 11/27 19:00 HoChia Presbyterian Church

  • 12/12 DaLi Presbyterian Church

  • 12/16 HuaLien Mennonite Christian Hospital.

  • 12/25~26 Liyutan Church

Music & Testimony

2021年4月28日 (三) 上午10:10


Music & Testimony



Music & Testimony

2021年5月9日 (日) 上午9:00


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I promised friends and fans to record this song before, but it was delayed for two months due to my physical condition. Today I finally get it done.

When I sang the song I wrote again, I felt very different. I remember when I got this lyrics in 2013, it was when Helena’s friend suffered a storm in her marriage. She wrote the lyrics of her friend’s story. To be honest, I can’t empathize until same thing happened to myself. After being betrayed by a person who has been loved for many years, Look back for all those days with tears and heartbreaking. I just want to give myself a deep hug because I choose to forgive and let go. It’s not easy at all, but only forgive him to let myself go, isn’t it?

I had a new experience when I sang today, love again? Do it again? Not expecting others to love you, but re-accepting and loving yourself. When you love yourself, you will have the ability to love others. Our relationship with others often accidentally destroyed but when your heart is satisfied by God’s love, our hearts and wounds can be repaired and these scars may not disappear but it will give us courage to move on.

Encourage you and believe that you have the ability to love and be loved, and the world will be more warm because of your dedication!


Lyrics by Helena Choi/Music by Esther Liao

戀戀深情 搖曳在甜蜜心間 款款溫柔 許下今生相守諾言

鐘聲依然盪漾 祝福仍在耳邊 心愛的人卻已變臉 往事不再留戀

是什麼改變了天地的容顏 背叛了靈魂的相約

羞辱在空中狂舞 生命中漫步

是什麼改變了天地的容顏 背叛了靈魂的相約

憤怒像魔咒追逐 在痛苦中無助

冰冷的心 渴望什麼看見 流淚的眼 期待什麼世界 可不可以重新再愛一遍 能不能夠重新再來一遍

Music & Video Produced by Esther Liao (Esther’s Music Creations)

Original song copyright: Heavenly Melody

Copyright: Esther’s Music Creations


Travel with Life TV show

Taiwan’s Ten Tv Station The Cross TV Taiwan “Travel with Life” Episode 17 Premieres November 26 at 7 p.m. The Voice Without Being Crushed ⭐️ Guest: Winner of the Golden Song Award. Musician / Liao Yahui ⭐️ Liao Yahui, who won the 14th Golden Song Award for Best Religious Music Album for his album “I’m Sorry”, is very perfect. Due to the highly delicate requirements, she produced the album, several times shortlisted for the Golden Song Award. Such a habit of controlling the whole music producer, songwriter, harmony writing, soprano. Do not know that life suddenly transferred in 2009, found to suffer from cloning. The autoimmune system specifically attacks her digestive tract, with ulcers from the mouth to the anus, as well as repeated inflammation, intestinal fibrosis, and, in severe cases, food can pass through the passage of the small intestine with only 0.5 centimeters left. Abdominal pain, often sleepless all night. It was not easy to make up your mind to face the pain and found out about cancer two years ago. Will she, who serve God with all her heart, protest against God? How did God respond? Today coincides with Thanksgiving, let us follow Ya Hui, listen to her with the most real breath of life, sing her whisper with Heavenly Father. Tonight at seven o’clock, go on a trip together🚵 ♀️ invite everyone to follow the introduction❤️ travel with life

New Song~The Lord Cares for You (English subtitles)

The Lord Cares for You (With English subtitles)

Ava Bright Lee is the granddaughter of Pastor Li. She was diagnosed with Leukemia and return to the Heavenly home in 2017. Pastor Li was the pastor of my mother’s church when I was a child. The relationship that we have had for many years have never been forgotten by the my family. At the beginning of this year, I wanted to visit them when I went to Chicago. But found out that Pastor Li and his wife had moved to Dali, Yunnan, few years ago. But I was very happy to meet Ava’s parents and younger siblings.

In the past few years, Pastor Li wrote two collections of “Spirit Song”. He chose 15 songs to make a commemorative album for his granddaughter Ava. He entrusted me to help produce and record them. Because of the limited budget, I can only use the equipments I have at home, I invited my god-daughter who loves to sing for record this song. After listening to me telling the story of Ava, she worked hard to practice singing and memorized the song. This is the first song we worked together. I hope this song will comfort many families who have experienced the same difficulties!

The Lord Cares for You

Words & Music by David. C. Lee

Soloists: Sonya Kao, Esther Liao (English translation)

No one knows the heaviness of your heart.

Only our merciful Lord.

He knows it all.

Come to the Lord to pour out your heart.

And cast your burdens for He cares for you.

Yes, Jesus loves me.

Yes, Jesus loves me.

Yes, Jesus loves me.

The Bible tells me so.

Arranged & Produced by:Esther Liao (Esther’s Music Creations)

Words & Music copyright:David C. Lee

Arranging & Producing copyright: Esther’s Music Creations

New Song~ The Lord Cares for You

Ava Bright Lee 是李牧師的孫女,2017年因白血病主把她接回天家,李牧師是我小時候母會的牧師,多年的情感讓我們全家始終忘不了~這對充滿好多愛的牧師和師母,今年年初因為去芝加哥服事,就想去探望他們,沒想到牧師、師母已經搬到雲南大理定居,但很開心能見到Ava的父母和弟弟妹妹。


神顧念你 詞/曲:李朝強牧師(李祥)


No one knows the heaviness of your heart

Only our merciful Lord, He knows it all.

Come to the Lord to pour out your heart.

And cast your burdens for He cares for you.

主耶穌愛我 主耶穌愛我

主耶穌愛我 有聖經告訴我

編曲、音樂、影像製作:廖雅慧 (以斯帖音樂料理坊)Esther’s Music Creations

Arranged and Produced by Esther Liao (Esther’s Music Creations)


編曲、製作版權所有:以斯帖音樂料理坊 Esther’s Music Creations

I’d Rather Have Jesus (Chinese Version)

I’d Rather Have Jesus


Soloist/Arranger: Esther Liao

I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold I’d rather be His than have riches untold

I’d rather have Jesus than houses or lands I’d rather be led by His nail pierced hands

Than to be a king of a best domain And be held in sin’s dread sway

I’d rather have Jesus Than anything this world affords today

He’s fairer than lilies of rarest bloom; He’s sweeter than honey from out the comb;

He’s all that my hungering spirit needs

I’d rather have Jesus and let Him lead

音樂、影像製作:廖雅慧 りょうまさえ (以斯帖音樂料理坊)

Music & Video Produced by Esther Liao (Esther’s Music Creations)

Copyright: Esther’s Music Creations

New Song~キリストにはかえられません

( I’d Rather Have Jesus Japanese Version)



Vocal/Arranger:りょうまさえ (Esther Liao)











この御方で心の 満たされてある今は

音樂、影像製作:廖雅慧 りょうまさえ (以斯帖音樂料理坊)

Music & Video Produced by Esther Liao (Esther’s Music Creations)

Copyright: Esther’s Music Creations

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