The beginning of the story

I’m Esther, a full-fledged musician and a patient with rare diseases and cancers.

More than 25 years of experience in writing songs, composing, and singing

I find that in the moment of despair and near death,

Music gave me the energy of my life, and the faith gave me more courage to move on.

I know that myself after being born again from the cancer, I earn every single day by God’s grace.

I hope that through this platform, more people will get to hear my voice and my life story.

The decade of writing about the blog of Crohn’s disease has helped many people who are hopeless and helpless with the disease.

Looking forward to the days ahead, through my music and life, bless more people in need.

Welcome to visit often, in addition to music, I also love to travel and cooking.

Next I’ll share my daily life on this site from time to time.

Finally, thank you for your visit!

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The Warmth of Longing

The Warmth of Longing

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2020 Annual Process

  • 7/12 Nazarene Church of Shihlin

  • 7/25 Church Music workshop

  • 8/2 MiaoLi Presbyterian Church

  • 8/8 Concert at the National Concert Hall (special guest performance)

  • 8/15 The Church of the HuKoe Youth Fellowship

  • 17 August, Taitung Makay Hospital

  • 8/22 Yilan Hanshi Church

  • 8/30 Shiamen Street Baptist Church

  • 9/16 Tamshui Mackay Hospital

  • 9/27 Kaohsiung Sung-N taifu Christian Church

  • 10/11 Tainan City Christian Church

  • 10/18 Taiwan Mission of Life

  • 11/20 Kang-Ning Street Presbyterian Church

  • 11/28 Presbyterian Church of Taiwan Linsen Road Church

  • 12/6 ChangHwa Oan-Feng Presbyterian Church

  • 12/13 Tai’an Presbyterian Church (Invisible Cricket Concert)

  • 12/19 Christian Church of Kaohsiung

  • 12/22 Christian Church of Kaohsiung (Factory Ministry)

A blessed life after the storm
Music & Testimony

July, 12th, 2020 (Sunday) 10:00 am.

No. 371, Chung-Cheng Rd. Shihlin, Taipei

A blessed life after the storm
Music & Testimony

August, 2nd, 2020 (Sun.) 10:00 am.

No. 9, Mishi St., Miaoli City, Miaoli County

A blessed life after the storm
Music & Testimony

August, 15th, 2020 (Sat.) 7:00pm.

No. 200, Minzu St., Hukou Township, Hsinchu County

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New Song~キリストにはかえられません

( I’d Rather Have Jesus Japanese Version)



Vocal/Arranger:りょうまさえ (Esther Liao)











この御方で心の 満たされてある今は

音樂、影像製作:廖雅慧 りょうまさえ (以斯帖音樂料理坊)

Music & Video Produced by Esther Liao (Esther’s Music Creations)

Copyright: Esther’s Music Creations

Just For You

After experiencing the storm of diseases, the body can stabilize is not a matter of course, but extra grace, if you ask me about the future…? I don’t have an answer, but I want to live for myself, and for God, because I know that I earn every single day by God’s grace, and the things that I care the most, the people I don’t like, hurts from the relationship that I can’t put down are no longer important, because God’s love, I want to take advantage of every chance to live.

Just For You (recorded version)
Words/Music/vocals: Esther Liao
Arranging, Guitars: James Huang

Every day of my life, i live for the sake of you.
No matter the joy or the worry, I learn to trust
Every moment I enjoy Your presence!
Good times or adversity, I totally believe

I’ve gone through the path of life, I finally understand
You are the only one that I can lean on.
I’ve gone through life, and realized.
You are the only one who loves me to the end.
I’d like to live for the sake of You alone.

Music, Video Producing by Esther’s Music Creations
Copyright: Esther’s Music Creations

Still (Chinese edition)

Yesterday I posted the Japanese and English versions, many friends hope to have Chinese version, I recorded this morning, hoping to let more Chinese in this outbreak of the severe moment, the heart can be comforted!

静まって知れ (Still)

This is the first song I learned in Japanese, although it is translated from English, but deeply touched my heart, 2017 in order to go to Japan for ministry, I specially learned this song, remember that at that time in HM’s practice room while singing, I can not restrain the tears when start to sing. recall the serious illness of Crohn’s in 2012, I spent 50 days in the hospital, abdominal pain, repeated infection, nearly a month can not eat, but also inserted nasal tube anti-pumping internal secretion of liquid …, so much tragedy and pain, But God gives me the same scriptures every day, “Be still and know that I’m God,” and over the years, through the storm of my life and the death, I have always believed…

“The Lord sitteth upon the flood; yea, the Lord sitteth King forever.

Recently the outbreak is serious, God reminded me to sing this song, yesterday began to arranging, recording, today completed the video, hope that in the world’s life-threatening period, we can calm and settle in the shadow of Heavenly Father’s wings, in Christ to learn trust, turn our eyes upon Jesus, this re-written song is half Japanese, half English, I would like to encourage good friends in Japan and around the world, Let’s overcome from this disaster.

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October 26 Lights up of Tamshui Presbyterian Church Live Performance.
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My Crohn’s Disease Journal

We all have moments of desperation, But if we can face them head on. That’s when we find out just how strong we really are.
My Crohn’s Disease Journal




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I’m not just making music, I also enjoy cooking and often cook for friends.

I also love baking, and there are recipes from my many years, as well as precious dishes from my mother.

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