Songwriter:David C. Lee

Last summer, in the midst of the pandemic, the idea came to me to put fifteen songs I had written into an album. The motivation and purpose behind this is to celebrate the life of my granddaughter, Ava, on the 5th anniversary of her passing and also to comfort those who are suffering. (With the comfort God has given us. 2 Corin 1:4)

As this project came to accomplishment , I also realized it had been 20 years since the day my wife was healed of Stage 3 breast cancer. For this, I am so very thankful.

As I remember God’s many blessings to me, I am overwhelmed by His goodness. In the past 15 years, I have undergone five heart procedures. Ten years ago, I had a radical prostatectomy.

Although I am just entering my seventies, I should also learn from the Biblical character Caleb, with his will, continue to fight for the Lord and conquer the city and land.

My humble prayer is that this album will inspire all my brothers and sisters in Christ to press on for “As long as it is today, I must do the works of Him who sent me. For the night is coming when no one can work.” (John 9:4)

Album Producer: Esther Liao

Last year, I received an invitation from Pastor Lee to start producing this album. Although I have been a producer for 21 years, I have never done everything from arranging, recording to mixing. After knowing Pastor Lee’s limited budget, he hopes I can do it by myself. So I work at home with the limited equipments I have. It was a big challenge for me. In the process, I often encountered the dilemma of having ears but not technical skills. Besides getting help from friends, it was really difficult. I can only pray. God always help me to find a solution when I need it, and encourages and comforts my heart through these songs.

No matter making music, videos or setting up a new webpage for this album, I have deeply experienced God’s presence and leadership over the past ten months, although every song on this album does not have a huge instrument Compilation, high-end recording and mixing technology, but I believe that the songs can speak for themselves, and I hope that every song can bring you comfort and blessings from our Heavenly Father.

The Beginning

The album “Inspiration from Above” took one and half years to finish from the moment I had the idea until the day of distribution.

There are three reasons which inspired me to make this album:

First, It is my desire to publish an album in memory of my first granddaughter Ava, who went to be with our Lord four years ago after battling leukemia for three years!

Secondly, it is my prayer to see these songs bring comfort to those who are suffering just as they did for me. When my wife was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer twenty years ago, the Holy Spirit whispered these songs into my heart which have given me great hope and comfort.

Thirdly, it has been my dream to have a professional musician work on the eighty plus songs that I wrote over the years to make them available for all people to listen to and be encouraged.

When I began to pray and plan for this project, Esther’s name came to my mind. I had a long time friendship with her family going back over 40 years when Esther was only 8 years old. Over the years, I moved overseas and lost close contact with her family, but I knew that she was very involved in Christian music ministries and had received many awards for her excellent work. When I approached her to invite her to work on this album, she had just retired from her position as a producer with Heavenly Melody, so the timing was providential.

What’s more important is that it was the work of the Holy Spirit that she said ‘Yes’ to my invitation, otherwise it would have been impossible to have her work on such a low budget project. We both believe that as long as we are willing to give our “five loaves and two fishes” to our Lord, He can use what we give him to bring glory to himself and blessing to others. I received these songs inspired from above and she received her gifts from God for His glory. It is our desire that the Lord will bless this album and use it to comfort and encourage many who are in need.

The Lord Jesus Christ said that we will have trouble in the world, but in Him we will have peace!

The pandemic has struck the whole world wave after wave and affected people’s lives profoundly in many different ways. The composer and producer are grateful for the completion of this album. And we pray that Jesus Christ will bring peace from above to you and to your family!

David C. Lee
In Dali, Yunnan

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