Music Production

Taiwan Theological College & Seminary

Bachelor of Arts in Religion

Major in vocal, minor in piano, violin, pipe organ.

I was a senior music producer of Heavenly Melody. I have been engaged in music production for nearly two decades, and the albums I produced have been nominated for the Golden Melody Awards many times. “Loving Care” won the Best Religious Music Album Award in 2003. I’m also responsible for the work of vocal arranging and choir coaching. In recent years, I started the midi arranging as well.

I’ve written more than dozens of songs. also been the vocal coach of OKAI singers and participated the musical “Rainbow Rain” with composing, recording and live conducting. I’m a well experienced music producer.

My Music Major Events

In 1994, I joined the Heavenly Melody as a singer, administrative assistant, and production assistant. Since 2001, I have been an album producer and choir director. In addition to composing and vocal arranging, I’ve also participated in many domestic and overseas concert tours and accumulated considerable experience and expertise.
Creating music has always been a source of my joy, and it is also something I enjoy. I have accumulated enough skills in the album production for many years. The senior sound engineers and musicians of the industry know that I have sharp ears. Not only listen to myself while recording, I will have to listen to other 7 singers at the same time. And forced to redo the vocal arrangement in an hour.
Thank God for letting me compose a lot of songs, vocal arranging and produce dozens of albums in the past 25 years at Heavenly Melody. I hope that I can continue to fill my life with music and bless more people with God’s love.

  • 1998 First composition “The Prodigal Son”
  • 1999 Produced the album “Old Friends” of Sun-Yeh.
  • 2000 Composed “Truth” and “Treasure” included the album Soaring and Singspiration.
  • 2001 Produced album “Loving Care”. Composition: Love is like a kite, God surpasses the wind and the sea, Praise the almighty God.
  • 2002 Produced album “Friends Forever”
  • 2003 “Loving Care” won the Best Religious album of Gold Melody Award.
  • 2003 Produced album “Listen to the words of Jesus” and “When you’re willing”. Compositions: The most painful moment, When you’re willing, If I had known.
  • 2004 Produced album “Arena of life” which nominated to the best religious album of GMA. Compositions: My wife, Butterfly flies gently, A spatter of rain.
  • 2006 Produced album “Leave love behind” which nominated to the best religious album of GMA. Compositions: Unique, I don’t ask.
  • 2007 Produced album “Held by His great hand”. Compositions: Selfless love, The path of happiness.
  • 2007 Produced album “A little seed”. Compositions: Make Taiwan lovable, Homeland.
  • 2008 Heavenly Melody 45th anniversary. Judge of the choir competition and teacher of the choral workshop.
  • 2009 Produced album “Transcending time”. Compositions: Live out the Bible, The mystery of blessing.
  • 2009 Produced album “Christmas Joy”. Composition: What a precious life to give.
  • 2013 Produced album “Thankful for you” and “Faith Sees”. Compositions: Life is not destined, A meteor, Mom’s hair, Fear not   Jesus is here, Gently call You, Love affection, Love is strong as death.
  • Produced album “The night when You were born”. Composition: The song of Mary.
  • 2016 Produced album “Eternal Covenant”. Compositions: One kind of joy, A vapour, The greatest love.
  • 2016 Produced kids albums “Beautiful Discovery I & II”. Compositions: Only one kind, No one teaches, Little baby, Color family.
  • 2017 Judge of “Sing for Jesus” choral competition.
  • 2021 Produced and released my first solo album “Love Is Not Scarce”, representative music : With You In My Life, Love Is Not Scarce, The Warmth of Love, The Hope of Love

My Professional Skills

  • Song writing
  • Vocal arranging
  • Album producer
  • Recording session singer
  • Vocal, choir coach


  • Choir conducting, vocal coach
  • Small choir training lesson
  • Composing, vocal arranging lesson
  • Worship, Piano lesson
  • Singing skills lesson

Pictures of my ministry

Nankan Church Sunday Services

YuanLin Christian Hospital, TaiAn Presbyterian Church

October 26th Lighting Event Pictures

2020 USA Trip

Love to share my music and life story with you!
廖雅慧  Esther Liao りょうまさえ