A week after entering National Taiwan University Hospital on 1/30, the fistura pierced the belly, and I spent more than a month on 24-hour customized nutrition injections

Unexpectedly, the open wound on the stomach lasted for more than a month

3/6 Finally it is possible to surgically remove the intestines and canals, as well as the pus and infected parts

The surgery took about four hours that day, and when I entered the operating room and moved to the operating table, I found something like a bubble bag surrounded by it

I don’t know what it was, but the whole bed was warm, and I fell unconscious after a short time after being anesthetized

When I woke up, I was already in the hospital room, but it was the beginning of a nightmare, and the sharp pain of the wound that I had feared beforehand returned

Severe pain and high fever, I kept wailing, I had a self-paid morphine analgesic (the kind I pressed myself)

I didn’t expect my stomach to cramp as soon as I pressed it, and the pain was like a stomach ulcer, so painful that it hurt more than a wound

In the end, I was given a morphine to stop, but because I had to turn over, the nurse asked me to press the painkiller again

As a result, it started to hurt again when I pressed it, and I screamed in pain, but the morphine time was not up and I couldn’t take it again

In the end, I had to take the antacid from the next morning to relieve the severe pain in my stomach

After the operation, the crazy high fever every day reached nearly 40 degrees, and the fever could only be injected at his own expense, and the white blood cells also soared to more than 20,000

But every time I took the fever injection, I felt collapsed when I sweated, and it took more than a week to slowly ease down

Next to the wound, except for the drain that must be opened after the operation

On my wound, which was nearly 20 centimeters upright, a total of five drainage tubes that looked like straws were inserted

I would be shaking every day when I changed the dressing, and I am very grateful to Dr. Yan for helping me change the morphine to every four hours and increase the dose

After a few days, the pain control was relatively stable, and I was able to roll over slightly and lie on my side for a few minutes

Later, morphine patches were added, and if it hurt, morphine was added

Today is the 19th day after surgery, and the last drainage tube was removed, and the wound is now painless with morphine patches

However, there are still several holes in the stomach, and silver ion tablets must be put every day, and the nurse has to put a cotton swab into it to clear the wound

Every time I change the dressing, I have to inject additional morphine, and I really hope that the wound will heal as soon as possible

After 44 days without eating, the doctor said that I could start eating porridge and let me have meat floss and tofu on that day

I was looking forward to this simple and delicious food, but I didn’t expect to find that my taste was missing as soon as I ate it

Eating everything is like eating plastic, you can’t eat salty, there is only a little bit of sweetness, juice becomes sour when you drink, and soy sauce becomes bitter when you eat it

Oh my God! It’s been a bolt from the blue for me as a master cook, and I’ve been eating for days now, but my taste still hasn’t recovered

But in order to heal the wound, no matter how unpalatable it is, I have to force myself to swallow it, I don’t know if it is caused by antibiotics, or because I haven’t eaten for too long?

I never thought that I would have to face a second incision surgery, and this time compared to the past two major surgeries, it was too painful and painful

I felt like I might not be able to survive the last few days after surgery, but thank God for helping me to get to where I am today

The postoperative recovery was also unexpectedly smooth, the urethral catheter was not removed, and I had gotten out of bed to defecate five times a day, and there was no condition that I could not urinate after the urethral catheter was removed

In the past two days, I have been able to sit without pain from the wound, and I can stand up and do some stretching exercises, and I also want to thank myself for my bravery and patience

I would like to thank Dr. Lin Benren, Chief Surgeon of National Taiwan University, Dr. Qiu Hanmo and Dr. Yan Jiahong, who are attending in the Department of Internal Medicine, and all the medical team of 13B for their meticulous care

“This kind of surgery usually takes two or three times, but Dr. Lin can do it in one time

I’m going to cry when I hear this, and if this kind of knife has to be opened again, I really can’t bear it

At present, it is expected that 4/3 of the dozen biologics Stelara will be discharged home if all goes well

This time I stayed in National Taiwan University Hospital really well, and I stayed from winter to spring, and I really look forward to the day when I go home