After traveling to Hokkaido and Tohoku, we returned to Tokyo and stayed at the original hotel in Ikebukuro, although this area is very convenient for transportation and is also a shopping paradise, but the hotel is really a bit old, plus the room is really quite small, discuss with my companions, I should not want to stay in this next time… In the past ten years, every time I go to Japan for self-help travel, I will try to choose a new hotel, mainly because the equipment and functionality are really much better, the traditional old hotel is not even enough sockets, I go abroad just need to charge the equipment at least three…

On the night we returned to Tokyo, we ordered a delicious fugu dish ~ Xuanpin fugu, the taste has not changed for more than ten years, it is still very delicious, we ordered plum wine bubble drink, less than one-fifth of the drink I fainted, really no amount of alcohol ah! The last few days were almost all around Ikebukuro, which is a paradise for food and souvenirs in department stores, everything you need, Tobu Department Store in the West Exit, Seibu Department Store in the East Exit, I was dizzy when I walked, and I bought a few must-buy souvenirs in Japan, and there was actually my favorite Angelinaa Mont Blanc cake, which I immediately bought back to the restaurant to eat, and also saved me a special trip to Ginza.

Also went to Shibuya sky, Shibuya really changed a lot, a lot more new buildings and shopping mall. At present, the station is undergoing construction, it is really a bit chaotic, I was also asked for directions as a Japanese, but fortunately I could answer, hehe! Originally booked to take the Odakyu romantic train to Hakone, but decided to cancel it the day before for personal reasons, it was a pity, I thought it took a lot of effort to grab a reservation, and next time I hope to have the opportunity to go again, I ate a lot of food in Tokyo, Riku beef tongue, Ichiran ramen, tendon…. It’s a must-eat every time I go, and I finally bought my favorite Royce chocolate at the airport before I left.

On the return flight, I saw Mt. Fuji up close, which also marked a perfect end to this trip to Japan, see you next time in my beloved Japan!