The Kyoto Long Stay, which had been planned for almost a year, suddenly became the National Taiwan University Hospital Long Stay… The whole thing was wrong and the wrong message was conveyed, which caused me to almost lose my life, 1/ 22 just flew to Japan, to start my life in Kyoto, the first four days were very happy, the intestines are fine, but on the fifth day suddenly high fever, contact the attending physician in Taiwan, he suggested that I seek medical treatment in Kyoto, from the doctor’s link to find a clinic Saturday, and you can make an appointment online in advance, the next day after seeing the doctor, he immediately suggested that I transfer to a big hospital, although it was uncomfortable but the pain was not very serious, so after seeing the consultation, I also went to the language center for an interview, and also arranged for Saturday to start the first class, back to the accommodation I always felt that the stomach was weird, the pain since this time is not like the pain that occurred before, but the belly will burn, like a burn pain, but in those days you can still eat and have normal bowel movements, but the fever subsides and the stomach pain still has to take painkillers to relieve it.
I started to have a fever again on Monday morning, and my stomach hurt when I had a fever, so I had to take a taxi to Kyoto University Hospital, and for the first time I was in Japan, I learned that I couldn’t go directly to a big hospital without a referral form, and I really thanked the director of the Department of Internal Medicine for helping me write a referral letter and directly introducing his former colleague who is also a specialist doctor in IBD, Makoto Okabe Doctor, from the beginning of the registration staff has been saying that self-pay is very expensive, but I told her that there is no way, I must see a doctor, they are also very efficient to help me immediately set up a file, make a registration card, each patient has a bag, in addition to the registration card and information, there is also a pager, when the pager rings, the screen will show where you want to go and what to do? It is very organized and efficient, I did not wait long when I arrived at the clinic to wait for the consultation, and soon saw the doctor, although the doctor’s English is limited, but I have translated the situation into Japanese in advance, and the doctor immediately prescribes a blood draw. Arrange to take X-ray, the nurse who helped me draw blood knew that I was Taiwanese, and happily said that she only traveled to Taiwan three months ago, and liked Din Tai Fung’s meals very much, her kindness and kindness made me instantly forget that I was drawn 13 tubes of blood, the first time in history that so much blood was drawn, and then I went to do X-rays, it turned out that X-rays are not like Taiwan’s hospitals to change their examination clothes in advance, the radiologist will take you into the X-ray room first, there is a small room for you to change your clothes, after the photo, and then go back to the small room to change clothes, after the end of the small room directly has an exit, it is very private for the patient, and will not meet other patients, wait for a few hours The results come out, and the doctor said that the value of bacterial infection is very low, but the CRP is as high as 10.44, he looked at my stomach and immediately said to help me do computer tomography, because that day my stomach has protruded and looks red and swollen and a little bruised, in order to be afraid of poor language communication, the hospital specially sent a translator to accompany from beginning to end, really thanks to the help of the Kyoto University Affiliated Hospital, everyone who takes blood or does the examination for you will introduce themselves, Japan is really a polite country, and then the CT results came out, the doctor asked me to contact the attending in Taiwan immediately, and asked me to fly back to Taiwan immediately, he said that the condition is very serious, even if he stays in Japan, he has to be hospitalized for more than a month, at that time only knew that the intestine was enlargedI didn’t know if it was a long tube, after all, the English ability of doctors and translators is very limited.
After returning to the place of accommodation, I booked a ticket four days later, I want to say that I need to take a breath and take a slow, and I also need to pack things, but I already feel that my stomach is weird that day, not only the belly button protrudes from the bottom but also red, swollen and a little bruised, I woke up at five o’clock in the morning the next morning, I still can’t hold it down after eating pain, my intuition is wrong, and I immediately changed the ticket the next day, after my sister and brother-in-law knew, I wanted to change to business class and fly back to Taiwan on the same day, I immediately packed something casually, as if fleeing, and went straight to Kansai Airport to catch the afternoon 4Cathay Pacific Airways at 05, the pain did not stop after landing, and after going home to pack the hospital luggage, he rushed directly to the emergency room of Taiwan University.
When I entered the emergency room of National Taiwan University, I learned that there was a large pus between my intestines, which was actually a broken intestine… CRP also soared to more than 26 o’clock, the whole stomach was inflamed and swollen, I could only use a high dose of antibiotics to press first, and the whole body was filled with tubes when I entered the ward, and even inserted a nasogastric tube with reverse pumping, and I couldn’t do emergency surgery in the current situation, because I was severely malnourished and dehydrated, and the heme dropped to 6.5 in two days, National Taiwan University immediately helped me with a blood transfusion, and the pain was worse than death in those days, and I could only use morphine to reduce the pain, and on the eighth day, the tube directly pierced my belly, and my stomach was pierced into a big wound, and I temporarily put a stoma bag to drain the contents of the intestines.
It’s been more than two weeks or fasting and water restriction, now I have to wait for the surgical operation time, I hope the wound on the stomach can be supported, the pain control of morphine is also stable, the attending physicians hope to gain some more weight, otherwise the condition will be very poor, now even the decimal point of weight has to be counted, 24 hours of nutrients, fat, non-stop, yesterday the attending said that it is still not enough… Fortunately, the drainage tube and nasogastric tube have been removed, and only the central venous catheter on the neck remains.
Thank you to my family and friends who have been running for me for the past two weeks
Thank you, Dr. Makoto Okabe from Kyoto University Hospital
Thank you to the NYU medical team, Dr. Qiu, Dr. Yan, Dr. Lin, and the doctors and nurses of 13B
The plan can’t catch up with the changes, although I am very disappointed and helpless, but I still have to thank God for helping me through the most dangerous period last week, most of the current index has stabilized, and I can only undergo surgery when I reach the weight standard, I just hope that the surgery will be smooth and fattening!