The intestine should be stable for a while, but because of the seasonal change, I always feel a little bit worry that my bowel will start cramping. I have been thirsty every day since my last kidney stone, so I have to drink water none stop. Even in the middle of the night, it is conceivable to run the toilet all the time and make the quality of sleep worse. During the last time I lost my voice, the doctor felt strange when examining the vocal cords. He said how come my vocal cords looks so dry? Last week I decided to go back to the rheumatology and immunology specialist. After Dr. Li helped me draw blood, the report was normal. I was originally suspected that Humira had caused some immune reactions, but it did not seem to be.

I also asked about the connection between Humira and cancer … the doctor said no connection! I finally feel released, otherwise I’m always struggling either take the shots or not.

Because when I stop using Humira, my bowels will have inflammation, there is no other option at all. If it’s not Sjogren, it’s probably a hormonal problem, and menopausal symptoms immediately after cancer surgery. I never thought that hormones had such a big impact on the body. Everything has to do with it. I’m really … speechless!

It ’s been a while that my surgical scar was red and itchy, and sometimes it hurt. Recently, it has become more and more prominent. I suspect maybe it’s crab foot swelling. Hmm … I have to go to the doctor again!

I never have this before! Maybe my constitution has changed … no fun at all!