On June 20, I went back to the obstetrics and gynecology department of National Taiwan Hospital to track the cancer index. Fortunately, the blood test report was normal. The doctor arranged a computerized tomography examination at the end of the year. At the end of August this year, I have been diagnosed with cancer for five years, which can be regarded as passing the first test. I am grateful that there has been no recurrence and no other complications in the past five years. Although cancer is an unpredictable thing, I am grateful for being able to live well and live happily every day.

My friend who was an anesthesiologist suggested that I get the COVID-19 vaccine, mainly due to the recent surge in the number of confirmed cases in Taiwan, so I took the fifth dose of Novavax at National Taiwan Hospital during my return visit on 6/20. Crazy intestines rebellion, unable to control taking steroids, made me very collapsed, the fourth dose of the same vaccine last year obviously didn’t feel at all, which made me wonder what I was getting? I want to say that it is safer to use the same one this time. After all, Novavax’s carrier is the same as the high-end one, so it will not have side effects. As a result, I miscalculated. I was tortured like this for almost two weeks. Last Monday, the pain lasted from daytime to midnight, and I couldn’t sleep at all. , woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning and swallowed three steroids, and then fell asleep slowly, and it took a few days before the bowel finally relieved, and I will be hospitalized again at the end of the month to take biological agents. I plan to maintain the dose of steroids until the end of the month. It is more important for the intestines to stabilize.

After getting the vaccine and feeling uncomfortable, I went back to see Dr. Chiu every other week. Dr. Chiu said: “If you ask me, I will tell you not to get vaccinated… In fact, the new crown has already become influenza, and you have passed it. Even if you get it again, it will not be too seriously, but the vaccine should not be used again.” I guessed there should be more and more data proving that this temporarily developed vaccine can indeed induce some people’s primary diseases… Sigh! I had dinner with a friend last week, and received a text message from her just the next day. She was diagnosed for the second time! ! ! I was really scared to death. Fortunately, I was not infected, and I am glad that I got the vaccine. Although it made my intestines so painful, but at least I was protected, so I was not infected. I told myself not to complain about the vaccine anymore.