It took almost a month for the patient event before I realized that I should write an article… How are you doing recently? The weather changes a lot. I wonder if everyone’s intestines are stable? Some patients will contact me privately, knowing that some people are still struggling with the inflamed intestines. My own intestines are also a little disobedient, but it is still within the tolerable range. It is much better after being hospitalized in early June and taking drugs. Continuing to eat Myolisan, the flatulence has improved a lot. However, I know that my narrow problem is irreversible… So now if I eat fiber, I really have to be careful. In fact, I can hardly eat leafy vegetables, I can only eat melons which under fiber 1. If vegetables and fruits still have too much fiber after chewing, I will spit them out. I found that my mouth is the best filter, ha ha!

This time I’ve learned a lot, thanks to all the participating doctors, Chairman Wang Mama and friends from Pfizer, the sharing of doctors brings a lot of hope, including the information of new drugs, biologics will be unlimited for the patients who still has inflamed intestines. Doctor said that it is currently in the review stage, Hope this new policy will be passed soon in the future. it is such an exciting news. The current policy let many patients without private insurance will be forced to stop the injection, They have to stop the treatment for more than three months to reapply, and the application may not be able to pass, because patients can’t afford it at their own expense, besides, it is easy to become resistant to biologics by constantly getting on and off. The doctor emphasized this matter. One of the doctor mentioned when they went to a meeting overseas, doctors from other countries were suprised about Taiwan’s biological policy. So Ministry of Health and Welfare please, help us! Don’t let us live with inflamed intestines all the time.

In addition to sharing my IBD running diary, I also learned a lot from the sharing of different doctors. Currently, the official website of IBD patient Group website has put a link to the video of the day. Welcome to watch it!