The Japanese travelogue that was not finished at the beginning of the year was shelved by me for more than half a year, and it was really laborious to think back bit by bit, hehe!

Take the pre-booked and allocated shinkansen from Hakodate to Aomori, but you still have to take JR from Hakodate Station to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station, and suddenly my brain knots unconsciously enter the station with a watermelon card, and the result is no, haha! Of course not, obviously there is a JR Pass, how can you suddenly use a watermelon card for brain damage? I’m really old! Smoothly transferred to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station, originally wanted to buy some souvenirs at the station, but did not expect to walk along the indicators of the transfer train directly to the platform of the Shinkansen, there was no chance to stay at the station, since the car was already waiting on the platform, had to get on the train directly, this drive from Hakodate to Aomori, deliberately drew the last row of seats beforehand, so that the luggage can be placed behind their chairs, so that there is no need to squeeze the luggage rack with others, but I didn’t expect that the attendant also came to ask if the luggage was ours? It can be seen that Japan pays great attention to the safety of passengers.

After about an hour, we arrived at Shin-Aomori Station and then transferred to the Ou Main Line to Aomori Station, it was snowing heavily along the way, and it was too cold to wait on the platform for a while when transferring to the Awa Main Line! Immediately coin vending machine bought two cans of hot tea, this is what I must do every time I go to Japan, when I arrived at Aomori Station, the train slowly entered the station, and I was dumbfounded when I saw the snow on the platform, because there was no snow shoveling…. How are you going to haul your luggage later?

Fortunately staying in the hotel ~ Aomori Daiwa ROYNET Hotel is not too far from the station, Aomori streets and arcades are not shoveled snow, so originally seven or eight minutes away, we spent double the time, this hotel is ruthless, and the CP value is very good, there are many attractions and shopping centers in the center of Aomori.

  • Nebuta House
  • A-Factory Apple Factory
  • Aomori Tourism Museum (ASPAM)
  • LOVINA Shopping Center
  • Aomori Furukawa Market

Aomori’s famous product is apples, 100% apple juice is cheap and delicious, we also bought super delicious apple pie at the bakery next to the station, A-Factory has a lot of souvenirs to buy home, it snowed heavily that day, I also ran outside to play in the snow, the port next to the station is super beautiful. You can walk all the way to ASPAM along the seaside, we eat too much seafood in Hakodate, so we didn’t go to Tanigawa Market… I missed the famous seafood bowl, and when I left Aomori on the last day, I specially bought a sea urchin and dried scallop bento at the station, which was really delicious.