I have used this credit card for ten years. In the past, every time I traveled to Japan or shopped on Amazon in Japan, I would use this card to make purchases, because it was advertised as free of charge for consumption in Japan at the beginning, and it used to be billed every other month. The handling fee was refunded. I checked their official website and did not say that this discount is not available now, so this time I went to Japan also followed the past consumption method, using this card as the main card to book hotels and JR Pass in advance. As a result, I check the credit bill in a row. I found out that the handling fee was not refunded on the monthly bill, so I had to call customer service, but the line was always busy, and I wrote an email to find out that only the Tigerair co-branded card has this discount. I am really pissed off. The handling fee is paid for nothing, and the credit card of China Trust Muji is also free of handling fee! If I had known which one to use, I would have used Rakuten for more than ten years, so why should I apply another Tigerair credit card? I don’t take low-cost airlines, and you changed the policy why you didn’t take the initiative to inform the customers, and the official website didn’t write it. It’s really outrageous to treat the customers as fools. I immediately decided to cut the card. If you want to charge a handling fee, I dare to use this Rakuten credit card. I would like to tell all Rakuten credit card users, please pay attention to this matter, so as not to affect your rights and interests. I have paid a lot of handling fees for no reason. Obviously there are other credit cards to choose. Rakuten is really bad, and the customer service is also terrible. I will never use it again!