Today, before I godown to to Yuanlin Christian Hospital to share. I drove all the way to the high-speed rail station and parked smoothly. I finally have time to buy a lunchbox, I’ve wanted to eat the Japanese TenYa for so long since it opened in Taiwan. It has always been a must-visit restaurant when I go to Japan, and it is cheap and delicious.

I bought bento, because it is fried shrimp rice, it should be better not to take away.

The taste is a bit different from Japan, but it ’s better than nothing when I miss it.

Today my voice finally recovered and able to sing. Although not completely recovered, it is much better than last week when I can’t even talk.

Get a lot of encouragements from the audiences even when I have to share all my stories. I believe this is a blessing to encourage others with life stories. I’m not special, just because God helped me to face life bravely. After the lecture, I took the high-speed rail to return to Taipei, and I’m lucky to returned home before the typhoon comes.

*** Actually when I was on the stage this afternoon, my intestines suddenly bloated. It was very painful. I do n’t know what causes the gas in my intestines?

Fortunately, it did n’t stop me from singing or talking, and then I quickly walked around the high-speed rail station and exhausted it.

Flatulence has been a bit frequent recently, It might caused by the season change.