【Ordering Instructions】

Taiwan to order products please place an order directly from the website, and after paying in advance on the website (bank remittance, transfer or credit card payment), you can choose to pick up the goods from the Outlying islands only provide 7-11 supermarket pick-up! or t-cat home delivery, outlying island friends must check the outlying island freight option, bank wire transfer Please inform the last five numbers of the account, wait for the payment is successful, the amount will be confirmed before the shipment will be arranged, if you need to order in large quantities, please be sure to choose the t-cat home delivery as the delivery method, (because the convenience store has size and weight restrictions), you will receive an order confirmation letter after the order payment is successful, If you have any questions, please contact Esther Music Creations directly.

【Delivery and Shipping Instructions】
After you purchase the products we will try to arrange shipment within 5 days, and the delivery time will take about 2~3 working days (if there are natural disasters such as national holidays or typhoons and earthquakes, the shipment will be postponed)

【Shipping Fee Description】
Convenience store shipping fee:

7-11 $70

  • The longest side ≦ 45cm
  • Length + width + height Total ≦ 105cm
  • Weight up to 5kg

Family Mart $70

  • Length + width + height ≦ 105 cm (volume≦ 45cm*30cm*30cm)
  • The longest length on one side ≦ 45 cm, and the other two sides need to be ≦ 30 cm
  • The total weight is up to 5kg

Shipping fee for t-cat delivery service (main island): $170 (delivery area: counties and cities around the island)

t-cat Home Delivery Fee (outlying islands): $280 (Delivery area: parts of Penghu, parts of Kinmen (Great Kinmen, Little Kinmen), Xiaoliuqiu, all areas of Matsu, and Green Island.)

**Outlying islands only provide 7-11 for pick-up!**

【Credit card online payment, convenience store pick-up】
Convenience store pick-up is currently available at [7-11] and [FamilyMart] stores, please be sure to pay by credit card on this website and then pick up from the convenience store. You will receive an order confirmation after successful payment, please contact Esther Music Creations directly if you have any questions.

*Please be sure to fill in [Full Name ★ Matching Certificate ★] to pick up the document smoothly.

When the parcel is delivered to the designated convenience store, please pick up the parcel within 7 days.
✦Please be sure to confirm that the information on the package matches the ordering information.
*Delivery time is about 3~5 working days to reach the store.

*Provide SMS delivery reminder service.

【Home delivery to the house】
The delivery to the house is currently based on [t-cat Home delivery], and the shipment will be arranged within 3 days after the order is established, and it will be delivered within about 1~2 working days.

【Credit Card】
This site uses the EC Pay card system and can accept credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, JCB and so on.
✦This website has not yet opened the installment service, if there is any inconvenience, please forgive me, thank you.

【Bank Transfer, Remittance】

After the order is completed, please complete the transfer and remittance within 3 days, and inform the last five codes of the account and the order number, and only when the site determines the amount is correct, the shipment time will be arranged, and you can choose convenience store pick-up or t-cat home delivery.

(!) Anti-fraud alerts
With the recent scam cases, we remind you that we will never call you to cancel the installment at an ATM or ask you to provide your credit card information!
Usually scam calls start with a “+” sign, do not easily answer calls with a “+” sign.

If you have any concerns, please contact this website as soon as possible at 0935-748569 or call the 165 anti-fraud hotline.