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Turnip Cake

From an early age with my mother in the kitchen, she always patiently teach me how to cook, from the cooking skills to the ingredients, Hakka family of her insist entice and pay attention to, every step can not be missed, From the pizza to the cakes, moon cakes, pineapple cakes…, every holiday, mother always bake for a bunch of people, I remember I always come home for the school holiday, baked ’til midnight, it was very tiring, but in retrospect, my mother gave me the best example, her love, hospitality and cooking enthusiasm deeply affected me, let me become a very loving and baking people, and I do enjoy cooking, and it brings me sense of accomplishment.


By |June 8th, 2020|Categories: Bakery, Latest Articles, 食譜|

材料: 山苦瓜一條 紫蘇梅 8-10顆 梅子粉少許 蜂蜜少許 作法: 先將山苦瓜洗淨,切薄片,放入滾水中川燙30秒後撈起,隨即放入冰水中降溫 將冰鎮過後的山苦瓜取出瀝乾(水分要盡量瀝乾) 紫蘇梅去籽,梅肉切碎,拌入瀝乾後的苦瓜片中 [...]


By |August 28th, 2019|Categories: Bakery|

材料: 法式小羊排或法式小羊肩排真空包裝一包 (我喜歡買整排沒有切過的,這樣烤起來肉汁比較不會流失) 醃製香料:以下兩種口味依個人喜好選擇 海鹽+孜然粉 Montreal Steak seasoning (好市多有賣) 作法: [...]


By |August 5th, 2019|Categories: Bakery|

材料 豬絞肉 300g 豆干 12塊 甜麵醬1瓶 豆瓣醬 1瓶 開陽適量 蒜頭少許 [...]


By |August 5th, 2019|Categories: Bakery|

材料 港式肝腸2條 港式香腸2條 臘肉一塊 白米四杯 青江菜適量   做法 白米洗淨後浸泡四杯水30分鐘 肝腸,香腸及臘肉切薄片備用 [...]


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