From the beginning of the outbreak in Taiwan after Mother’s Day to the present, I can not return to Taiwan University Hospital at all.

Originally 5/17 have regular visits, the results have been self-funded medicine, has been buying two months.

Intestinal conditions are ups and downs, flare up comes once I stop taking steroids.

I kept eating steroids repeatedly, and several times I was so tired of the world.

On the day of the recent severe flare up, after twelve hours of pain, I decided to call my personal care manager.

As a result, Dr. Chiu asked me to confine to the hospital, but I really didn’t have the courage to go with this critical pandemic.

Because now all beds are all controlled by ER, hospitalization has to go through the emergency room, quick sieve plus PCR confirmed that there is no infection to enter.

After having to stay in bed in the emergency room, thinking of the time to wait, I decided not to go, relying on steroids.

Although Dr.Chiu doesn’t recommend it to me, because he feels that I had been ups and downs on steroids, Hope I will be hospitalized directly.

The thought of emergency mess…. I couldn’t bear the courage at all, and finally swallowed four steroids to bring down the symptoms.

Until now still can not stop medication, I hope July can go back to the doctor, otherwise really can not hold on.

Our vaccine priority has been prospone serveral times, in fact, I am not worried about infected, because we are already in the epidemic prevention specifications in the life with IBD.

But the failure to return to the doctor for major injuries is too cruel and hard for us! Government units please consider and care our needs.

Taipei’s city government has been dragging taiwan into the critical pandemic situation and put it on a level three alert until mid-July.

Really killed us patients, my Humira application has been rejected twice, self-funded needles for up to three weeks.

These days the intestines are relatively stable, today originally decided to stop steroids, But cramping comes back right away.

I was helpless… no choice for stopping the steroid treatment. I decided to take one pill a day until hospital return day in July.

Otherwise, if the serious flare up happen again, I will have to take from a high dose, it will take more than a month to stop the drug.

We are really a very vulnerable group of IBD patients, it is more difficult to apply for biologics, we are mpt pm tje vaccination priorities list either.

Just hope that my intestines can be stable, do not keep attacking, the epidemic quickly slow down, so we can go back to the hospital.

There is also a CT tracking of cancer in mid-July for me, and hopefully it won’t be delay again.

Seeing that the group of patients has been discussing vaccines, and seriously, I think everyone should talk to our doctor.

We are just patients, not doctors, giving other patient advice is not a good idea.

Your doctor says you can be vaccinated, doesn’t mean it work for others.

Your doctor won’t be responsible for that patient, will he? Several vaccines have their advantages and disadvantages.

Although the advantages of the vaccine outweigh the disadvantages, but still have to consider everyone’s own situation, even IBD doctors have different opinions for treatment.

Treatments are not the same, you know yourself the most, if interested in vaccines

It is suggested that we should study more and understand more, and don’t listen to the political discussion.because you might lost the direction.

I hope that during the severe outbreak, everyone can get through it safely!