After almost ten years of taking the Humira shots, Dr. Chiu decided to stop the injection last week. Maybe because my condition is stable now. In addition, the health insurance injection quota has been used up. At present, I am taking immunosuppressants, one per day. I hope my intestines can continue to be stabled. It happened a few times that I had flare up when stoping taking the Humira. So I’m still a little worry about it. However, my life is relatively stress-free, maybe it is really stable, and I do n’t need to use Humira anymore.

Out of the office, doctor’s assistant said that recent studies have suggested that anti-TNF should no longer be used. TNF is the ingredient of Humira which means … I have been using it for ten years and now you told me it’s not good ? ? Oh my goodness….

She said that there are other drugs produced by Takeda Pharmaceutical Factory in Japan, but must be returned to the hospital for intravenous injection.

Need to ask Dr. Qiu the next time I return, there were many patients outside the office that day … Terrible!

Next year, I will go to the eastern and central US to hold a medical conference, plus a few concerts, it’s a five weeks trip.

The weather will be very cold, hope I will be fine without the Humira.