Now should be the easiest time in my life. No pressure to go to work, free to deploy time. The condition of the intestines and the body are also stable. However, a serious headache occurred in the middle of the night yesterday, and I was already asleep but was awakened. The whole headache bursts into a fast explosion, just like what I’ve been watched on TV, I thought it was for dramatic effects. But yesterday it was so painful that I wanted to hit the wall! It happened once in April, the pain didn’t reach the whole head, it only lasted for many days, and taking morphine couldn’t stop it. So in May, I had a check-up of MRI. The doctor said that there are cysts on both sides of the parietal lobe, so when it gets bigger, it may be painful. But because it is not big, it’s good to track first. Yesterday, I could only pray in addition to painkillers. Thank God for letting me fall asleep again. It has been soothing a lot this morning. IBD plus cancer, the challenges of life are constant, but I am not afraid because I know everything is in the hands of God.

I just recorded a song yesterday, the subtitles of the video are still being produced, and will soon be placed on my website! Welcome everyone to listen and share!