I’ve been locked up at home since I came back from the U.S. last month, and I’ve barely been out since the end of self-isolation.

Seeing the world’s epidemic is getting worse, Taiwan, although the epidemic prevention is doing well, but still can not avoid the daily increase of foreign migration cases

The threat these cases pose to Taiwan’s health care system is not to be underestimated.

Because of this I put the regular follow-up of cancer also postponed, although some hesitation in the heart, but is afraid to go to the hospital.

Part of The Crohn’s disease because of the Humira stop for more than two months, the intestines had a few flare up.

There was a flare up once in Chicago, USA, when it was not enough doses of the steroids and days because the spares were in New York.

Although temporarily pressed down, but back to Taiwan again, almost went to the emergency, but also swallowed six steroids in one breath before the inflammation down

After contacting Dr. Qiu, he asked me to take two weeks of steroids, from six to four to two slowly reduced the dose

After eating, it is not even two days, the intestines are moving weird, not abdominal pain, but is not comfortable, often feel the food stock inside.

Well… have to go back to the hospital next week .

Still have to go back with no choice… I’m worry because of the epidemic.

But I can’t understand why so many people went abroad to play in March when the world’s worst outbreak was severe.

Now one by one bring sand the virus, so that we can not go back to the hospital

I live in the district there are seven or eight epidemic prevention hotels, home quarantine people still walk around, completely regardless of the lives of others

For those who usually live overseas, now regardless to come back to use the health insurance, is really very selfish!

There are back to hide the illness, foreign mixed can not go back to run back, take a plane may be infected do not know?

Your selfishness has allowed medical personnel to pay for their lives and to treat you at the risk of being infected. It’s really speechless!!!

Next week I have to return to Taida Hospital, has been thinking about how to wear to protect myself when go to the hospital.

Hope to apply for new biologics as soon as possible , so that my intestines can be stabilized.