I accidentally saw this news report today, although it was last year’s news. But I’m always curious and excited about new biologics. After reading the article, I found that Abbie developed this drug because the patent of Humira is about to expire. New drugs must be connected to maintain the sales of pharmaceutical companies. But putting aside the problem of making money for this kind of pharmaceutical company, as long as I see new biologics on the market, I always hold a glimmer of hope. It turns out that this medicine has been used in some hospitals in Taiwan, and it is only used to treat psoriasis. For Crohn’s diease has not yet been used. SKYRIZI is the first treatment for Crohn’s that works differently by specifically targeting the interleukin-23 (IL-23) protein, which is one of the key proteins responsible for inflammation. By targeting IL-23, SKYRIZI helps reduce the excess inflammation that can contribute to Crohn’s symptoms. SKYRIZI is a prescription medication for adults with moderate to severe Crohn’s disease. According to the description of the drug on the official website, it seems that the mechanism is not TNF, but the so-called IL-23. When I was hospitalized at the beginning of last month, one of the doctor mentioned that I might be resistant to Remicade… After all, I have been taking biological agents for more than ten years Recently, there is no so-called honeymoon period after the injection, especially this time… After being discharged from the hospital, I was in pain for several days. It has been more than a month since I took steroids and I still can’t get rid of it. I feel really annoyed… At present, most of the biological agents available in Taiwan are TNF. Although Entyvio has a different mechanism, but I used it two years ago and it didn’t work. Stelara is the only non-TNF systemic biological agent, Entyvio only targets the intestines, not systemic But Stelara is so expensive… I can’t even pay for it, unless I can apply for health insurance benefits, so I gave up early… I sincerely hope that I can have new biological agents to fight. Everyone knows that when drug resistance begins, the drug must be changed, so there must be drugs to change! To share a recent experience, because my cousin’s child has been bleeding in the stomach and has repeated infections, but CD or UC cannot be diagnosed. In the end, the doctor at National Taiwan University suggested eating Japanese Myorisan. I went to Japan at the beginning of the year to help them buy it, but I didn’t buy it. I had no choice but to give up, because even in Japan, ordinary people can’t buy it. There is a special channel. When I returned to Taiwan, I remembered that my friend who is also a patient mentioned this thing to me, but I didn’t take seriously. I recently found out that there were a few packs given by a friend before, so I ate it with the mentality of giving it a try, and my stomach was really comfortable. Later, I found a Japanese shopping agent on the Internet and successfully bought a large box with 630 packs in original packaging. The price of probiotics is also considered cheap. Currently, I eat 2-3 packs a day, and my stomach is really comfortable. Occasionally, my bowel movements will form (shaping is a luxury for me) haha! Usually all day diarrhea. The weather is getting warmer, and I hope my intestines will stop rebelling and stabilize, and I also hope that there will be new biological agents that can fight the disease one day earlier.