I have persisted for more than three years, but I still got the Covid 19…

At the end of October last year, when I returned home after a performance, my temperature suddenly rose the next afternoon.

Immediately the result of the quick screening was negative, and there were no other symptoms, so I wanted to observe it again.

However, the fever started in the middle of the night and reached 39.5 degrees at 4 o’clock in the morning.

A quick screening in the morning found out I’ve got it. And the line on the right came out first…

Immediately make an appointment online, and then ask a friend to help get the medicine, because I have the severe illness card, so I can ask the doctor to prescribe Paxlovid for me.

Although I had a fever for three days, I was lucky to have no cough or sore throat at all.

As a singer, it is hard for me to imagine that if I cough and cough non-stop, it may be a long journey to resume singing.

Paxlovid is really effective, although during the five days of taking the medicine, my mouth was bitter for 24 hours, I have never experienced it before…

Imagine that the saliva secreted is bitter…but I obediently finished the five-day dose. I heard that many people give up after taking half of it.

Take the medicine once in the morning and once in the evening, but the color of the medicine in the morning and evening is different, and there is a clear distinction on the packaging.

Please be careful when taking it, don’t eat it without reading the instructions, my friend ate the wrong one at the beginning…

After contracting the epidemic, my appetite was also very poor, I could barely eat, and I really lost a lot of weight…

But after taking Paxlovid, although the fever lasted for three days, there were almost no uncomfortable symptoms after the fever stopped.

At that time, the policy still required seven days of isolation, plus seven days of self-management, total are 14 days.

I remember seven days later, when the lockdown was lifted at 12 o’clock in the midnight, I rushed downstairs to take out the garbage, ha ha!

I am very used to staying at home, but it is really not easy not to go out for seven days.

Thanks to the neighborm the doctor family for helping to take care of me, thanks to my friend for delivering medicine immediately, and thanks to the community guard for helping to deliver it.

The impression is… The epidemic is not as terrifying as imagined, and although four doses of the vaccine have been given, it is still impossible to get it.

But really mild…. So don’t worry too much, remember to take Paxlovid as soon as possible.

It can reduce a lot of discomfort, the new year comes, I wish everyone peace, health and stability!

Happy New Year!!!