I was too busy recenty and forget to update my website, also for a long time did not write a blog

Corona Virus outbreak is still not over, How is everyone doing?

I’m mostly at home, and try not to go out avoid the infection.

I went to Taida hospital 3 times already for the return of Crohn’s disease and cancer tracking.

Every time I go, it’s always heavily armed, alcohol disinfection supplies, masks, discarded gloves…

All went well, the recent return time is much shorter, the patients are also much less

I don’t know why so many people used to hang out in the hospital?

Thankful to know the cancer Tracker reports all normal. There is another CT check-up this coming July and Clone’s disease is replaced with new biologics as well.

After the resumption of Humira, the intestines have been rebellious, so that I have to take steroid again.

After discussions with Dr. Chiu, I started taking Entyvio four weeks ago and has been given two doses so far.

Considering that the intestine is inflamed period, I rather buy the Entyvio first, although the needle is expensive, but in the severe moment of the outbreak, it’s not good to confine to the hospital.

The Loading dose is three, taking once in the first two weeks, another shot a month later, then once every two months.

This biologic is intravenous, can’t do it myself like Humira, each time takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

Thank God, so far I have no side effects or uncomfortable condition, after the first injection about 3 to 4 days of intestinal pain gradually disappeared

And then it’s really not uncomfortable anymore, diarrhea is not improving much. But I believe it will be better soon.

I just hope my health insurance application will pass, so I don’t have to pay for it.

Almost all medications will reduce our immunity, we should be careful to protect ourselves.

Hope we will be able to survive through this outbreak!