Long time no see! This is the first diary of Crohn’s disease after I set up my own website. I’m facing different problems besides Crohn’s and cancer. There is no answer for most fo them. At the end of April, I have been taking painkillers for a few days because of persistent severe headaches… even taking morphine still not helping at all. I was very depressed at the time and felt think… how come I got this serious pain again after went through the cancer? I decided to go down to the south the MRI exam which were able to get an earlier appointment.  The inspection report came out. It shows there are cysts on both sides of the parietal lobe, so when my brain pressure is too high, it will cause pain. But the doctor said that because it is not big, it doesn’t matter, I might have it since I was born. No need to the surgery unless it gets bigger.

At the end of June, I retired from my current job which I worked for over 25 years. And start work at home. After starting a new life routine,I was improved physically.  Although I still do music and performances, but without the pressure of regular working hours. I’m satisfied now!

Now I will have more time to write blogs and run my website. At the end of the year, I will go back to the United States for the medical conference. We have been discussing the clinical trial of IBD through videoconferencing. Also see plans are more and more specific, although each country’s medical laws are different But I believe that through our efforts, patients will have access to better medical information and care.

Welcome everyone to visit my website, or leave a message to me. Hope you are blessed by my music and life story!