After eating Japanese MiyaBM for more than a month, the symptoms of intestinal discomfort have really improved a lot. I still remember that after I was hospitalized for injections and returned home, my intestines hurt so much that I could only increase the dose of steroids. Before the injections, there was a honeymoon period , at least the intestines can be stable for a few weeks, but the symptoms did not improve at all two months ago, which made me wonder if I was resistant to Remicade? In order to divert my attention from the pain in my stomach, I started to tidy up the house, reorganize the storage, sort and return things, and accidentally found that my friend gave me a few packs of MiyaBM last year. After eating a few packs, I felt very relieved, and the intestinal symptoms gradually decreased, and the flatulence disappeared. In fact, when I went to Japan in January, I originally wanted to buy it for my cousin’s child, but I couldn’t find it in general drugstores, because my nephew has been born since birth. He has repeated bloody stools, abdominal pain and mucus, and the examination revealed Clostridium difficile infection, which cannot be completely cured by drug treatment, so Physician Wu Jiafeng from National Taiwan University suggested buying MiyaBM to eat.

Unexpectedly, since I took it for more than a month, I have almost no symptoms of abdominal pain or flatulence. Even if I accidentally eat high-fiber or indigestible things, the symptoms will improve or disappear within one or two days, which is better than steroids. It’s still useful, it’s amazing, I’ve tried many different probiotics before, but none of them felt good… Not only is it expensive, but it doesn’t help at all. This should be the most effective probiotic I’ve ever eaten. Let me introduce it The miraculous MiyaBM.

(Some information is taken from the official website.)

MIYARISAN is an active probiotic imported from Japan. Its ingredient is Clostridium butyricum MIYAIRI 588, which was discovered in 1933 by Dr. Kinji Miyari, a professor of microbiology at Chiba University in Japan. Its quality and curative effect have been well received for more than 70 years. The world sure. The imported product from Japan’s original development factory “Miao Lisan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.” contains Clostridium Butyricum Miyairi (588 strains) to relieve mild diarrhea, abdominal pain and constipation, bowel adjustment (adjust defecation), and loose stools.

Myolisan has only a single strain, which is the single and only effective strain. It has a trademark and a patent name: Gonggu bacteria CBM588 (also known as butyric acid probiotics),

It is a unique intestinal beneficial bacterium, which has been used in the treatment of enteritis since it was discovered in Japan.

Clinically, it is used for the treatment of acute and chronic diarrhea and related diseases caused by intestinal bacteria imbalance in pediatrics, gastrointestinal, digestive, infectious diseases, surgery, tumors, obstetrics and gynecology.

There are also studies on adjuvant therapy related to dermatology and psychiatry.

1. MIYA BM is resistant to acid (pH1.4), heat (55°c) and bile

2. Live bacteria enter the intestinal tract completely, shorten the course of the disease, improve symptoms, and promote the reproduction of intestinal lactic acid bacteria.

3. It can be taken before or after meals, and can also be taken together with antibiotics.

4. It can be stored at room temperature. It can be directly added to milk and fruit juice. Both adults and children can take it.

I reported this to Dr. Qiu in the last visit. Dr. Qiu said that there is no problem with taking Miya BM, and we will continue to observe. After all, it was only about a month after taking it. Suitable probiotics can improve the intestinal environment. For Crohn’s disease For many patients, the intestinal environment is very poor and there are many bad bacteria. I think Miya BM has improved my intestinal environment. The problem of intestinal fibrosis is narrow, so I have been suffering from repeated abdominal pain before, taking biological agents and taking steroids, but I still cannot prolong the stable period. Until I took MiyaBM, the symptoms of discomfort have almost disappeared, and I will not have intestinal pain every day, or It’s because of the gas after eating, because the food can’t pass…and so on. I have introduced many relatives and friends to eat Miya BM. I hope everyone can have a healthy body, and I also hope that my intestines can continue to be stable.