“Love is not rare” is to encourage myself and dedicate to other rare disease patients.

I wrote the song many years ago after watched a TV program. God has inspired me to write down the lyrics and music. But it hasn’t been public until now. 2 weeks ago I arranged it myself but lost my voice at the same time. So I can’ t do the vocal tracking.

Because of the up coming 2 concerts in Yuanlin Christian Hospital. I decided to change the song list since my voice is not recovered completely. It’s better for my busy schedule.

I’ve been working on the video today and also look at myself. In spite of must taking all this trouble disease with the rest of my life. I dare to give up the opportunity to live.  This world doesn’t need indifferent. Love is not RARE! The courage that carry us through all the disease will make our lives as beautiful as the rainbow after the rain.

It will be the first time for me to sing this song tomorrow. I’ll record the official one after my voice back completely. Please stay tuned!

#I hope the typhoon won’t disturb my travel schedule tomorrow.

#I’ve been enjoy editing my video with iMovie!