After breakfast with a good friend yesterday, we went to Ikea. Unexpectedly, my bowel suddenly started to ache, and I thought it will stop later. I only have painkillers in my purse. After taking it, cramping didn’t slow down at all and started to sweating. Sitting on a bench and vomiting after having a diarrhea, I feel completely dizzy and almost pass out. But I have to drive the car home!

When I got to the parking lot, I feel so weak, and I prayed to God after sitting in the driver’s seat. help me to go home safely, my friend kept praying when I was in pain. Just after I drove out of the parking lot, my pain eased. This situation is inexplicable, and I’ve done like nothing. After every major pain, I feel weak and tired. I swallowed two pills of steroids immediately after going home, and fortunately my symptoms were down. Season change really causes different problems to me, I hope to survive through it.