Taking the Granclass Shinkansen to Hakodate, After more than four hours finally arrived. When I arrived in Hakodate, it was really snowing heavily.

Fortunately, the shuttle bus has been booked through Email in advance, and there are only two round trips from the hotel everyday.

Therefore, all the time from Tokyo must be calculated first, including the transfer time, so it is up to the Japantransit app to plan it all in advance.

Even the platform on which the train is displayed, plus Japanese trains are usually punctual, makes travel easier.

Oh one remind! The shinkansen only go to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station, and will have to take JR to get to Hakodate Station, and it was almost dark when we arrived at Hakodate.

Fortunately, we walked out of the station and saw a medium-sized bus parked in the distance, and we were very happy when found out it was hotel shuttle bus.

Otherwise, how would you drag your luggage up and down the street in heavy snow and cold weather?

This time we stayed at Hakodate Yunokawa Onsen Umi to Akari Hewitt Resort, the window of the room looked out to the sea.

It snowed heavily while we were there. Without a car, we really couldn’t go anywhere. We only went to the convenience store and the botanical garden across from the hotel to watch the monkeys in the onsen.

The rooms in the hotel are okay, but the space is not very large. I have lived in Beppu, Kyushu, and I feel other hotels are very small, haha!

There is no onsen in the room, but there is an infinity large bath on the top floor of the hotel, and there are also two private bath as well. (need to book in advance and charge)

My friends and I were uncomfortable in the public bath, so we reserved a private bath for two hours a month before departure.

The private bath is super comfortable. The space can accommodate at least four people. It is semi-open space, and the snow will come in when taking the bath. I really enjoy it!

I also regret that I didn’t make an appointment for two days… next time I go, I must go every day, ha ha!

I originally considered taking the tram into the city, or even taking the Hakodate cable car to see the night view, but it was impossible to make it.

Fortunately, the snow scene in the room is really beautiful, and I am satisfied sitting by the window side to enjoy the infinitely changing sky and scenery.

We had two days of breakfast buffet, one dinner buffet, one kaiseki dinner.

The Buffet I ate three times was really too much. The seafood buffet is all you can eat. But still too much for me!

Fortunately, I booked a kaiseki meal in the middle of the night. It is very delicate and delicious, and the quantity is not too much.

When I was preparing to check out and take the shuttle bus to the station the next day, I met the same driver and chatted in Japanese.

I am actually very happy to be able to speak Japanese all this time. Although I my language ablility is not good enough, it is still a sense of accomplishment to be able to communicate in Japanese.

I hope I can study Japanese harder, so that I can speak smoothly next time when I go back.